Sculptures: Reminders of our heritage

As summer draws to a close, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to those who have expressed their delight in accepting Ray Lonsdale’s superb sculptures.

Althoguh Freddie Gilroy won the hearts of thousands, Ray’s smugglers (on Merchants Row off Eastborough) and his stainless steel tunny fish (on the East Pier extension) help remind folk of Scarborough’s heritage.

Without the support of many individuals, nothing would have been achieved.

Thanks to Hilary Jones and Andy Skelton, the sites have been admirably selected. Gary Pickering and council members have ensured all plans were executed to the final detail.

Council workers couldn’t have made a finer job of creating the appropriate plinths, and receptionists at the town hall have remained helpful and friendly at all times.

Thanks also to The Scarborough News in covering the progress of the latest sculptures.

Last but by no means least, thanks and appreciation to The Teapot Cafe in providing free cups of tea to al the workers involved in creating the plinth and installing the massive ‘wave’ supprt and tunny during hot conditions!

If you have not yet viewed the 7ft glistening tunny fish, suspended from a shimmering wave towering 12ft 6ins above the pier, do go and see it. Make your way to The Teapot Cafe near the old Toll House, take your cuppa up the steps alongside the Shell Shack, to meet the tunny near the sea.

And thanks Michael, for your unstinting support in making a dream come true!

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent