Sea defences: Beautiful view will be ruined

What an excellent letter from John Senior decrying the plan to dump rock armour in front of the Spa sea wall to protect it from further damage as it needs repair. Will it still not need repair even when the hideous rock armour is in place?

The beautiful view of the Spa will be ruined entirely, not to mention the loss of a huge area of beach. We’re living in the 21st century. Why can’t the “brains” in the council’s engineering department devise a plan, as I’ve stated in a previous letter, to replicate the present elegant sea wall and “tie” it to the existing one?

To suggest that the sea wall work is needed to prevent cliff slippage is nonsense. The slippage is due to water penetration. Maybe that should be sorted first as, if I’ve read correctly, properties are in danger.

Now to the Futurist. This wonderful venue has been in the council’s sights for years, they want rid of it. I know they’ve supported Barry Stead with grants and he has done valiant work in bringing big shows to the town. Gary Barlow came and played the Futurist THEATRE not the Spa Grand Hall, why? The answer is in the word THEATRE which the Grand Hall will never ever be.

It was sheer balderdash when the “consultants” stated that these venues were competing for the same business. Tosh!

While the council have been custodians of the Futurist, what have they spent on maintenance? Perhaps they’d let us know.

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road