Sea wall plan: Danger signs are there

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We are lucky to have the state of the beach reports from Guy Smith (Letters, September 19) as his donkey business is at the sand face of tourist economy. In short, he sounds an alarm for everyone.

I have recently picked up bricks and rusty pieces of what look like old railings. There ought to be a competition for who could pick up the most pieces of glass in a couple of hours. A few weekend challenges like that backed up by free ice cream vouchers would go a very long way to dealing with that problem.

An encounter with any of these objects, particularly the larger ones, whilst running on the beach in semi-darkness, would be a memorable encounter at best. At worst, a serious injury and ruined holiday. Not good publicity for the town either.

We are not going to get much help from Mother Nature until the brisk westerly winds return. Indeed winter winds can give us more of what we don’t need right now.

What should be obvious to most, however, is what we do not need. That is a massive concrete barrage or 22,000 cubic metres of rubble in front of the Spa wall. This would cause even worse erosion of the rest of the South sands beyond what we are seeing now.

We have seen the reports on which the council’s consulting engineers base their opinions. Their records of beach erosion go back only five years! We can speak for more than 60 years as can many other in the town and can say the loss of sand is greater now than we have ever seen. The town cannot risk losing any more.

I dread to think of the consequences to the South beach and tourist economy of this town when we see what a winter’s north easterly (or worse) easterly gales will scour away if the tidal velocity is actually increased by placing a barrage of either concrete or rock armour in front of the Spa. Indeed I would regard it as reckless beyond all belief to do so.

The town must not now take any chances with the South Bay sands. We are already at critical level. If the consulting engineers records went back as far as our observations they would know they are playing with fire. The danger signs are already there to be seen now. You only have to look at the beach at low tide to know this.

Freddie Drabble

Sons of Neptune

Scalby Road