Sea wall: Why have Spa reports been ignored?

The saga of the Spa “pile of rocks” goes on and on!

I worked at the Spa for eight years on car parks so have seen the rough stormy weather, the sea hitting the wall and splashing over, never closing the area. When has the Spa approach road ever been closed because of high seas?

I find it frightening that the reports commissioned by the Sons of Neptune from a leading expert have been totally ignored – why?

What is different in the Spa sea wall to many other sites which, as the expert professor has stated, were given remedial treatment and TLC with complete success?

Whiule I worked at the Spa there were several landsllips directly behind the Spa, these were investigated and found to be caused by old leaking water pipes – this was discovered by Yorkshire Water. Nothing whatsoever to do with the sea.

As to the comments made by Stewart Rowe, apart from showing his ignorance it illustrates everything that is wrong with these jumped-up “experts” that seem to work for Scarborough Council! He should have the courtesy to resign, if not he should be dismissed. His comments cannot be taken out of context

Back to the “pile of rocks”, while I am not an engineer I would have thought that anyone with half a brain could work out that sea power on the sea wall cannot possibly affect the cliffs behind the magnificent Spa building.

If in fact the cliffs are in such imminent danger of collapse why have the council just spent millions on the renovation of the Spa, including the old cottage directly behind the Spa? Surely this will be first to go in the landslides.

Mike Maxwell

New Parks Crescent