Seabirds will drive holidaymakers away

IT GRIEVES me to have to say this, but some, not all, some, of our local seabirds are displaying somewhat disturbing traits. Indeed I would go as far as to say some are becoming unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

I myself have witnessed them diving down, snatching food from startled holidaymakers - a worrying development.

I give due warning to the council that if nothing is done to deter people from feeding them, someone is going to be badly hurt.

Signs should be erected both on the piers, beaches, and yes, fish and chip outlets, warning people not to feed the birds, and advising them to dispose of cartons and left overs in the bins provided, although I have to say in my experience this seems damned hard work for some. Perhaps if a child’s eye is taken out, someone might wake up to what’s happening?

It’s not the birds’ fault that their food supply has been decimated due to a shortage of fish, forcing them to take extreme measures in order to survive. That is down to others. Some of my esteemed stock seem to think however, that is not the case, well if it isn’t, then why are more and more of the half-starved little beggars flying inland to refuse tips everyday instead of out to sea to greet boats coming in.

There’s an old saying, “watch the birds working, they’ll tell you where the fish are,” well there’s one thing for certain, you won’t find fish on refuse tips, nor will they I hasten to add.

TW Ward