Seachange charity has worked hard for project

FROM Tim Thorne:

“According to the Charities Commission they made over £1 million from charitable activities last year and spent 75 per cent of that on looking after themselves. Not seen much of them in the local area. It looks like most of their income is government funding and they are positioning themselves between government bodies and voluntary workers. They’re a quango disguised as a charity then. I wonder who is stumping up the £6.5 million. PFI or us?

“I heard the estimate was £3.3 million for building this facility. I’m presuming Seachange will pocket the £3.2 million profit from the project so they’ll be able to run it for a number of years. If it is PFI then the lucky developer will pocket a large amount of that.”

Response from Seachange:

Seachange (formerly known as Coast and Moors Voluntary Action) is an independent local charity, not connected with any government or statutory bodies. We generate income from community enterprises and a range of grant funding sources, all of which is used to further our charitable purposes for the benefit of communities in and around Scarborough.

We have worked very hard to secure the funds for this project from BIG lottery, charitable trusts, loan finance and Seachange’s own funds. All of the £6.5 million capital budget will be spent on The Street project; none of these funds will be used by Seachange to meet the future running costs of the building.

Young people from Scarborough have driven the development of this project by doing research, design and business planning. Seachange has produced a robust five-year business plan to ensure that The Street can operate without dependence on grant funding.

Seachange is happy to respond directly to any queries from members of the public.

Please contact Sarah Fenwick on (01723) 362205.

Sarah Fenwick

Seachange Enterprise Manager

West Parade Road