Seafront: Rollercoaster at Futurist is beyond belief

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Re Rollercoaster for the Futurist site (Scarborough News, October 23).

Have Scarborough Borough Council finally lost their marbles? This news is beyond belief. No doubt this dereliction of the fabric of the building has been slowly permitted to happen, while all the effort to propagandise The Spa has had the fullest priority. Why?

The seating capacity of The Spa theatre is miniscule in comparison with that of the Futurist. The seating at The spa in the region of 500 seats, while that of the Futurist is 2,300!

As for the council being prepared to pay for all demolition and other works beggars belief! What do the ratepayers of the town think? Have they been approached for their views? Oh, I forgot, the only people whom the council give any credence to are the consultants hired at ridiculous fees when the best consultants can be found anywhere in town.

What Scarborough needs to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century is a purpose built wet weather facility. Not another copy of the water chute at the Open Air Theatre!

Never mind, there will be re–elections soon, and I hope that the ratepayers will remember all the false promises, financial disasters, and other ills inflicted on them by these time servers of the council, and elect a council more in tune with the ratepayers, the town, and the environment.

TPM Gavin

Langdale Road