Seafront: Sand removal will destroy beloved beach

Over the years through the Scarborough News I have predicted that the reckless removal of sand from the South Bay by Scarborough Council will eventually destroy our once beloved and beautiful beach.

At this time last year diggers and trucks took 15,000 cubic metres of our golden sands and dumped it at the Spa wall allowing longshore drifts to clog up rock pools as far as the Holbeck site. This ridiculous exercise cost £17,000 out of the public purse. Initially, the cost was estimated at £7,000 to remove 5,000 cubic metres, but as is normally the case no-one bothered to measure the length x depth x width of sand to be removed.

As I have stated at least four times in letters over recent years, prolonged easterly winds will remove the little remaining sand left on the beach leaving black grit and pebbles, ruining what is left of our decimated holiday industry. This sand will not return this season or for many seasons to come if ever. Nature does not work that way, especially with the ever present unpredictable climate change.

I believe that the same council officers responsible for the above are recommending £16 million to be spent on rock armour for the Spa wall. This time they must listen to common sense and put a stop to this ridiculous waste of money, creating a disgusting eyesore and potentially dangerous structure.

Breakwaters, now a global solution for coastal protection needs to be seriously considered to protect the whole of the South Bay.

Brian Hewitt