Seagull Cull: Cull noise is getting worse every year

Re the gull cull.

Where we live we are surrounded by seagulls all day and all evening.

In past years the seagulls have built nests on chimney tops and when that happens this area just becomes their home. To stop them nesting on our chimney top, we had spikes placed when we had our chimney breast pointed.

This year, we have had three young seagulls stuck on a rooftop for four solid days and nights, because they could not fly. So obviously, there were another six parent seagulls all squawking away, because they had no food.

They are just so noisy. The situation will be much worse next year with the additional seagulls, and even worse in the years after.

As the years pass, they are coming further inland, away from what should be their normal habitat.

Neighbours have been known to feed the seagulls on their back veranda. The seagulls have got used to this and they continually rest on the veranda fencing about 10 metres from our rear door.

I have seen the neighbours sitting outside on the veranda with seagulls resting on the fence about one metre away from them. When the seagulls rest there I always scare them away to let them know they are not welcome, but they keep returning.

I have seen a seagull stealing cat food from the doorstep of another neighbour.

On Saturday, August 2, I was awoken at 6.45am by two families of seagulls on a roof behind ours making so much noise. I had to open my bedroom window and eventually managed to chase them away. But then another dozen seagulls appeared and they all flew around that area, making even more noise for about three minutes before they all flew off.

The situation is really bad and it is getting worse and worse, and something must be done to reduce their population.

Alexander Youngson

St Johns Avenue