Seagulls: I won’t be staying again

The question of seagull nuisance in Scarborough has been greatly publicised this week and I thought you might like a visitor’s point of view.

I have played bridge in Scarborough each July for at least the last eight years and on the weekend of July 26-28, eight of us from Newcastle and surrounding area stayed at the Mount Hotel as we always do.

I parked my new BMW in the square near to the Mount on Friday and returned to it late Sunday to find it covered in bird droppings. I washed these off immediately I got home, but the acidic nature of the stuff has burned into the lacquer of the paintwork. After considerable polishing, the marks are still there!

All eight of us were kept awake at night by the gulls who didn’t seem to sleep. It was very hot so windows had to be open.

Personally I will continue to play at the English Bridge Union’s summer meeting in Scarborough but I will not be staying in Scarborough again, but will move inland, free of the dreaded gulls.

The seagulls were annoying in previous years but this year has taken the annoyance to a different level. Scarborough thrives on tourist trade and it’s about time the powers that be realised that these gulls have a negative impact on most visitors.

Mrs Pat Barton

The Paddock