Seagulls: ‘Officially’ named pests

My apologies for resurrecting the thorny old issue of seagulls and how to dissuade them from being such a damned nuisance.

An article in a leading daily paper, which I have to admit gives blanket coverage to various bird problems, should be taken on board by local councils.

To whit, and I quote: “In 2009 the government made our naturalised parrot (in this case the green ring necked of the species) officially a PEST along with GULLS, magpies and crows on the list of birds which can be shot legally without special permission”, unquote.

The above quotation does make our council’s efforts of ‘nasty tasting chips’ somewhat underwhelming does it not? The amount of confuscation being offered by various “tree huggers” and their misunderstanding, either deliberate or not, of certain government rulings, casts a shadow on what can officially be done to eradicate, what is after all, a matter of concern to the general public.

An appeal to local councillors for positive action has, seemingly, fallen on deaf ears. To the extent that a very unhelpful solution has been given much praise.

R Marshall

Elmville Avenue