Seeing red at the retail park queues

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RE: RETAIL park on Seamer Road.

I am writing this letter on my laptop sat in the car-park queue waiting to get out of the retail park on Seamer Road.

The landlords of the place should take another look at the site, but as a customer like many hate using the park due to this problem. I can also, like many, see that the main problem is the entrance and exit being marked out for us driving dinky toys, and on top of that, as I write, there is a 40 ton lorry making a delivery now turning off Seamer Road at the lights now blocking the whole area.

Car horns are now beginning to blow, it’s like Italy, people putting there hands up in the air, and some pointing, and many swearing some words sound like fox and duck. Everything is now grid locked ... but wait I hear sirens ... someone is coming to help ... no ... no ... it’s an ambulance trying to get through the lights on the A64 heading towards Eastfield ... meanwhile back at the park nothing is moving, the paint I bought has dried up, the flowers I bought have wilted, and on top of it all the lights are changing from red to green and back to red because there is no colour that anyone likes but most of us are seeing red.

Wait a minute ... things are now moving ... yes yes, we are now at the starting grid waiting for the green light... go go go we are now out onto Seamer Road and we have 25 minutes to make up heading home, but as I look out of the car window the traffic heading towards Scarborough is nose to tail right down the by-pass towards Morrisons ... well I suppose there is more reasons?

Well what a day, please, this letter is a true account of my trip to the retail park and I hope there will be a change soon, otherwise a lot of custom to the retail site will be lost and that’s no good to any shops let alone fuel costs to us due to standing traffic.

J Large

Shire Croft