Seeing red over hairdo to dye for

So Jessica Chapman’s mother feels that Graham Raincliffe Federation are stifling her daughter’s creativity by not allowing her to dye her hair red. How on earth is dying your hair “creative”? I have been under the impression that part of your schooling was to prepare you for the adult world by instilling discipline, a sense of duty, and an understanding that we all have to live by rules and laws that why we may not agree with or even understand the reasoning, we just have to get on and deal with it.

The majority of schools these days have a uniform policy, and also rules regarding jewellery, make-up, and other “accessories” which like it or not, pupils must get on and accept. In another couple of years, Jessica will be leaving her school to move on to higher education, or starting her working career where she will be moving in a far more relaxed world, and she will be able to exercise her creativity in a far broader fashion, but until then, she has to abide by the standards set down.

Mrs Chapman is, of course, entitled to her views, but to state her daughter’s creativity is being stifled is absolute rubbish. It isn’t if the school has told her she cannot paint a picture in a particular way, and I would imagine the school curriculum positively encourages creativity among its pupils, but should her daughter be allowed to please herself, this will be one more example of discipline breaking down, which at present in my view needs positively strengthening, not weakening even more than it is today.

Mrs Chapman, accept the school policy, help your daughter with her education, stop wasting everyone’s time with irrelevant trash.

Miles Cartwright

Church Walk