Sense seen about tree

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IN THIS day of ‘naming and shaming’ I would like to do some ‘naming and praising.’

I was recently informed that a magnificent cherry blossom tree on the grass verge outside our house was to be removed as it had a strong lean with large branches over the pavement, thus causing a potential hazard to pedestrians. Furthermore it would not be replaced due to new laws regarding distance from the road etc.

I responded to North Yorkshire County Council with a photograph and asked, please can only the severe overhanging branches be removed. The response came from a Mr David Creek, that the tree had to be removed.

It had been inspected on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council by Scarborough Borough Council’s senior officer dealing with trees at their gardens department in Manor Road, a Mr Phil Yardley. I then phoned him and while sympathetic to my cause, he confirmed it had to go because removal of such large branches at its age would probably kill it anyway.

I again contacted Mr Creek regarding my strong feelings and he agreed to discuss the matter further with Mr Yardley. Great news followed with an agreement to just remove the two big offending branches and this was done the next day.

While only ten days have since elapsed, it is showing no signs of flagging.

Well done both councils for kindly listening.

Max Payne MBE

Coldyhill Lane