Sense seen on parking

RE: MARINE Drive fees rejection (Evening News, February 15).

I would like to thank Scarborough Council for seeing sense by not going ahead with winter parking charges, and in particular one of my councillors, Cllr Subash Sharma, for organising the petition against the charges.

If the council are that cash strapped and want to raise money to subsidise the park and ride scheme (I don’t want to knock it as I really do want it to work), why don’t they introduce a tax like they have imposed on motorists in my area since the year 2000. That is, make every motorist in the borough pay for a parking permit.

I’m sure this would raise more than £15,000 and it would also ease a few bottlenecks, as it would encourage those lazy motorists who don’t want to pay the permit fee to park in their drives instead of the road. I suppose this idea won’t come to fruition as there are more councillors wards not in the scheme than those that are in it.

Mr C Charles

Trafalgar Square