Setting record straight on town’s vandalism

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Will you kindly allow me to respond to Mick Thompson’s letter of August 4, and the major points I made relative to your heading “The huge cost of vandalism both socially and financially”.

First, I must apologise for an error in my previous letter where I expressed the belief that this problem possibly began prior to the 1960s. I now realise that, so far as the “mischief” factor and police response are concerned they do go back at least a decade earlier.

Not an “apocryphal recollection”, just the wrong period. Having regard to the serious nature of this problem I regret having given him the opportunity to ramble on at great length about the Teddy Boys and National Service; nothing whatsoever to do with what has happened in our town during the past few decades.

According to Mr Thompson, his disagreement with my assessment of the scale of vandalism is based on “indication from reports in the Scarborough Evening News is that it is nowhere near as bad as is claimed.

“An observation not only on the frequency of news stories about vandalism but more especially on the reports published in the Friday edition of parish council meetings.” Not, I think, an opinion shared by several of the groups of “Friends Of --- “, or the town centre traders.

Surely, no questioning the accuracy of the Evening News reports of the incidents along the Spa and at Peasholm Park.

While it is recognised that North Yorkshire remains one of the most law-abiding areas in England, I reject that as an argument to play down the increase in the incidence of vandalism here in Scarborough during the past few decades.

Charles Braithwaite

Trinity Road