Shame that Duchy plan was refused

RE: THE refusal of the Duchy Plan for Cloughton.

First I must express my disappointment in the refusal by planners to the forward-thinking Duchy Plan for Cloughton, the main stumbling block being the number of houses proposed; there being no technical objections.

Accepting that the plan to build 155 houses is more than one would like, the Duchy of Lancaster are the only land owners able to deliver a cohesive plan and address road-calming measures and adding all necessary services. The one councillor who voted for the plan interestingly had lived in Cloughton and knew the area and the feelings of Cloughton’s long-standing residents well.

Vic Rogers, who you report as speaking for the residents, speaks only for a small number of objectors and definitely not for the majority.

I base my opinion on three votes taken at meetings in Cloughton, one with over 100 residents present, in all three votes the majority voted in favour of the Duchy Plan. One vote by secret ballot was overseen by an independent parish councillor.

It seems localism has not yet reached Cloughton.

Where in the plan are the speed humps threatened by Vic Rogers, a point picked up by one councillor and not corrected during the meeting? The Highway Authority have no objections to the planned new access roads.

The existing Village Plan referred to on more than one occasion is 20 years out of date, new plans are in the pipeline, government thinking is changing. Catch up Scarborough Borough Council, show the vision of our past Victorian planners, make some decisions to be remembered for, the fence is getting crowded.

Barbara Hill

Cloughton Hall