Shameful state of football ground

AS a Scarborough football fan, I’m disgusted as to what has happened to the Boro Athletic ground.

I lived in Seamer Moor Place as a young school boy, I would go and watch them play.

I went to Hinderwell School and later to Gladstone Road. I lived two minutes walk from the ground and every time I go past the ground it hurts at what I see, it’s unbelievable as to what has happened.

I remember Boro Reserves being in the Yorkshire League and even further back I can remember Wednesday league games, such as St James, Butchers, RAF, RASC plus other teams.

I joined the Army as a 15-year-old boy soldier in 1950. As time passed I went into the ranks at 17½.

My late father would send me the Saturday Evening News, even sending them to Japan and Hong Kong where I was stationed, it was good reading on many occasions. These are very fond memories which I will never forget.

As far as Scarborough football, it is only right that they should be playing in Scarborough and not at Bridlington or anywhere else. The Boro went out of the league in 2007 and here we are now, September 2011 and still no ground.

It’s as G Rickard said in a letter on Wednesday April 20, if the Athletic Ground had been leased back to the Boro when the council had purchased it, it would have served the town’s senior club, and would not have fallen into a state of disrepair. What happened to the security? I’ll answer that, non-existent.

The council should have spent the money and restored it, the stadium is already there.

There were volunteer supporters to clean up the cricket ground and it’s a great thing that’s been done. I wish everyone all the best of luck. But nothing was mentioned as regards helping the Boro cleaning up the ground. This would have saved a lot of money and maybe we would have had a stadium still to be proud of. In all honesty it seems the council have done what they wanted and for their own reason.

I remember Accrington Stanley in the old 3rd Division North, like the Boro they went into liquidation and now they are back into league football. Let’s hope Boro can do the same with lots of help from genuine people. Let’s hope Scarborough Athletic get their own stadium and to play all their home games at home and not elsewhere. I wish all the Boro supporters the best of luck for the future, you deserve it.

As for the people who did not help the Boro, I would not waste words, except to say, how do you sleep at night, you are certainly no football supporters.

Looking at the Evening News on Thursday September 22, it really hurts any true supporter looking at the pictures. No-one has been interested in keeping the ground in good condition. Football could still have been played at the Athletic Ground.

Those people know who they are, I only hope you realise this but I doubt it very much.

I have plenty of cuttings about Boro which I will treasure.

I say to Boro supporters, best wishes to you all

Thanks for the memories, Boro 1879 to 2007. It’s unbelievable but true.

Boro will be back.

Dave Robinson

Pindar Road


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