Shock at parish tax rise

RE Voice of Scarborough.

I refer to Mr Clive Hague’s letter (Evening News, March 26) relating to Eastfield Parish Council rise in council tax.

I too was very much taken aback by this massive increase in council tax compared to past years. I wrote to Eastfield Parish Council on March 24 for an explanation of this high charge but so far I have not received a reply.

I was also under the impression that all parts of the council tax were frozen for another year and I was quite shocked when I discovered that Eastfield Parish Council’s tax had gone up so much. I immediately phoned the Town Hall and spoke to a member of staff who could not tell me why this had gone up so much, only that parish councils’ tax is not frozen and therefore they can increase their charges accordingly.

I was not anticipating having to pay any more council tax knowing that it was frozen for another year and I agree that it should be frozen or capped in future in line with inflation or this could escalate in years to come.

Mrs J Scrase

Pindar Road