Shopping: A satisfied customer!

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I know people like to complain, well I would like to do the opposite.

I was online looking for fabric after moving to my house, and needing to do every room I came across Online Curtain Fabrics. As I am not very good ordering online I rang them, they couldn’t have been more helpful, I eventually went through to their showroom of fabrics in Scarborough and Rhea and Mark helped me choose the most fantastic fabrics that went together perfectly, they even made me a cup of tea.

I felt I had to do this as good customer service is so hard to come by and believe me it was second to none, I compared the price of fabric everywhere else, I also couldn’t believe how much cheaper it was here.

I would like to say thanks to everyone and keep up the good work.

A very satisfied customer.

Brenda Nicholson

Dalmais Close