Short time to save centres of learning

WARM WORDS from councillors in support for local libraries threatened with closure are not enough. We have only three weeks to save local libraries.

There is a gaping flaw in this consultation, as our councillors have already agreed that the decision on closure will be taken, not by them, but by the lead member for libraries, Tadcaster councillor C Metcalf.

Coupled with the complexity of making arrangements for community takeover this threatens premature closure of local libraries before alternatives can be put in place. If communities hope to save their library they must ask their councillor to get assurance that Hunmanby, Scalby, Eastfield and Ayton library will not be closed until transfer arrangements of the service to the community are in place.

Such an assurance can only come from councillors moving and supporting a motion that “No threatened County Council library is closed until a community alternative is in place,” and that must be tabled in time for the next full council meeting on February 16.

To help, an easy way to find details of and write to your county councillor, (and MP, MEP etc) which just requires your postcode is to use this link:

Mick Haigh