Show consideration for mobility scooters

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I AM writing this letter to the majority of Scarborough people who are kind, thoughtful people, and also the minority who are not.

I find myself at the age of 60 and in ill health and having to rely on a mobility scooter to get about. Since driving one of these I have never encountered so many rude and bad-tempered people and would like to take this opportunity to put across a few things that people might not know.

First of all may I say I consider myself to be a very thoughtful and considerate driver, I give way to people on footpaths, always let people with children pass me, slow down to a crawl as I pass people with dogs, as some seem frightened of the scooter.

Next I would like to raise the subject of where I ride my scooter. I have a scooter that has two speed settings - 4mph and 8mph. Having just taken delivery of a new scooter, enclosed was a highway code for drivers of these.

My next point is directed at the white van driver who screamed abuse at me one afternoon as I was coming down Dean Road. You are not, by law, allowed to drive on the footpath if you are in the 8mph gear, and as I am taxed and insured, yes that’s right, we have to be taxed, I am quite within my rights to drive on the roads. You really cannot win with some people when out driving, you get the people that shout at you when on the footpath, but worst of all is the abuse and plain nastiness of some drivers when you are on the roads. When I am on the road I keep as close as I can to the kerb so cars can pass me. I also have two mirrors which I watch all the time and if I am on a narrow road and there are cars behind me, I pull over to let them pass. When coming to a junction I try to let any cars pull out before me and pull out myself when the road is clear, if possible. At traffic lights, if at all possible, I slow down and pass these on the path. Having found myself at traffic lights one day with a car behind me revving up and then screeching past me with his horn blasting as the lights turned green, I find it safest to do so.

May I take this opportunity to say not all people are like this, believe it or not, the people I find most helpful when out and about are youths of today, who are always ready with a laugh and a joke, so nice in this day and age to be able to say something positive about youths.

People ask me, aren’t you frightened riding on the roads, well yes sometimes I am, but needs must and as I say, being taxed and insured it is my right to do so. So please users of Scarborough’s roads, next time you come across me or anyone else driving a mobility scooter, have a bit more patience and don’t be so rude again Mr White Van Driver.

Mrs P Wade