Show was ‘a triumph’

RE: YMCA Shows

Last week my husband and I saw the Rowlies “Big Night Out” show and it truly was a stunning evening out for us and all who saw it.

The dancers, singers and compere were all first class and the costumes were a sight to behold. So much work must have gone into them all.

Julie and Joanne must be so proud of their whole troupe, who gave everyone a great night. All their hard work paid off once again.

This week we saw “The Wizard of Oz” and were blown away by this marvellous production.

The scenery, costumes etc were outstanding. The whole cast were superb and the main characters were very well cast and some had more than one role to perform.

Cloe, Ryan and Emily were excellent in their first leading roles and stalwart David Nicholson showed them all how to win the audience over.

The show was a triumph and the applause and cheers at the end were well deserved. We don’t know how they will top this production. Please make the effort to see both these shows, you won’t be disappointed.

Jo Drydale

Parkfield Gardens