Skipping off agenda

MANY SCHOOLS were skipping on the beach, but there was one notable absence.

All the pupils of St Augustine’s School were dismayed to hear that they had been forbidden to take part in the Shrove Tuesday traditional skipping.

Instead of being allowed out at 2pm, they were cooped up in classrooms. To make matters worse, it was a beautiful day outside. The long tradition of skipping on the beach had been cancelled inexplicably.

No explanation was given and we were left wondering why, suddenly, it had been got rid of. Why was new school policy against this old tradition?

Generations have skipped on Scarborough beach, and many of us know grandparents and parents who were allowed, as pupils, to take part in (and therefore preserve) Scarborough’s unique, historic tradition of skipping. Yet, as the tradition is slowly killed off, it seems that future generations may never experience the joy of skipping on the sand. We, however, are fighting against this ban with a petition to have a half day next year.

Hopefully this will ensure that next year we can all skip freely on the beach.

Sonya Bushell, Ruth Bushell, Rebekah Gerard and Jemma John

KS3 pupils representing St Augustine’s school pupils