Skydive for charity

WORLD Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) is offering thrill-seekers in the local area the chance to make a 10,000ft skydive.

WCRF is offering tandem jumps where the novice freefaller is harnessed to a professional parachutist to anyone who can raise £395 in sponsorship.

The cost of the jump itself is covered by WCRF, meaning the skydiver pays nothing.

Flights and training have been organised at British Parachute Association approved airfields around the UK. The freefall training and jump can be completed in just a day.

We are urging people to sign up to do a jump on Saturday July 23 with the aim of getting as many skydivers in the air for a mass parachute jump.

To book a jump, please email, visit or call 020 7343 4200.

Sian Fraser

Events Fundraiser

World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK)

“Stopping cancer before it starts”