Small saving will create a huge loss

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I WATCHED the Dimbleby lecture and Michael Morpurgo’s totally absorbing, moving and impassioned lecture on the Rights of Children.

During that talk he spoke of the importance of public libraries and emotionally deplored the proposed axing of many local branches. I, like many others, totally agree with his sentiments.

When I was nine-years-old I moved, with my parents, to a suburb of Leeds, where there was a wonderful children’s library - a veritable literary treasure house. This I visited often and in time, the young, enlightened librarian must have recognised my love of books and allowed me to help her in sorting tickets and filing books and, joy of joys, sometimes to use the date stamp when she was issuing books!

I’m now in my eighties and I’ve never lost my love of books and reading. I am so fortunate that I can visit the main Scarborough library, but many people are not able to do so. I am totally with the residents of Scalby, Hunmanby, Eastfield and Ayton and I beg the council not to close these branches.

They are vital centres of education and enjoyment for these communities. The sums quoted as being ‘saved’ by these draconian measures, while not insignificant, seem so small compared with the money wasted on so many other projects.

Betty Dawson

Cornelian Drive