Social media trolls to fond of criticism

On Saturday evening the Harbour Bar hosted, once again, the annual St Catherine’s Midnight/Starlight Walk.

This is an important fundraiser for an important local organisation. Together with some outside volunteers, my staff worked hard from early evening until, this year, 1.30am, to provide sandwiches, ice cream, drinks, toilet facilities and, in some cases, a much needed mid-walk rest. We make no charge for this service, not a penny, and we are all proud to be of help.

At this time of night it is sensible to prepare for any unwanted visitors as there are two popular public houses close by and their customers pass backwards and forwards. We have two people who provide door security just in case.

However, to the rear of the Harbour Bar we have the notorious passage, The Bolts. This passage, a very useful passage during day time, can change in nature in the evenings. So, maybe four or five years ago we applied to North Yorkshire County Council for permission to close this passage in the evening, on that one walk night, so that we can move securely between our factory and shop and at the same time stack unwanted furniture in The Bolts because the volume of walkers, 500 plus, need more room in the Harbour Bar. All seems quite straightforward and legal to me.

However, on Saturday evening a pedestrian came from the direction of the Newcastle Packet and became aggressive when I told him the passage was closed for the evening. He said a few things and then disappeared through the Eastborough car park. He walked round to the Eastborough end of the passage, took a photo, shouting loudly, ”I am a local”. He then disappeared.

But this morning, upset customers are telling my staff, once again, that contributors of the “BOTTOM END FACEBOOK PAGE” are taking the Harbour Bar to task. I have tried to join this Facebook page in the past to read what they are saying, but I appear to be excluded. I first suffered at the hands of this page when a few years ago I applied for evening closure of The Bolts behind the Harbour Bar only, but because this page was a “closed shop” I was denied my right to read their criticisms. It’s not a great feeling when you hear that people, some I know, are saying things behind your back.

Interesting to note that my sister, Sue and myself were both born in the Harbour Bar building many years ago in the 40s and 50s and therefore are truly “Bottom Enders” in our own right, you would think that, that was a good enough qualification to be a member of the “BOTTOM ENDERS FACEBOOK PAGE”.

I hope this puts the record straight.

Giulian Alonzi

Harbour Bar Ltd