Solution to a traffic problem

Since my retirement nearly two years ago I have become a regular user of the 121 bus service between Hunmanby and Scarborough and I have made a few observations which I ask the council to consider.

On approaching the town centre down Filey Road the bus lane which, as a motorist I have previously criticised, is actually a blessing as it allows buses a much freer passage in heavy traffic but when you reach the lights at the southern end of Valley Bridge there is often a blockage which I think could very easily be overcome.

The problem is that often the traffic wanting to go ahead over the bridge has the green light but cannot proceed because the left hand lane is partially blocked by the tailback of traffic waiting to turn right down to the sea front. By the time the lane is clear the lights have usually changed back to red. This is most annoying when there is no oncoming traffic from Valley Bridge so when the only movement is by way of traffic coming up from the sea front which is only allowed to turn left onto Ramshill Road, why can’t the traffic waiting to turn right not have the green light instead of being stuck there frustrated? Apart from when there IS oncoming traffic from Valley Bridge there could be a permanent green light for this lane and the left hand lane would then become free for a clear passage.

It is not just the tail end of a single decker Park and Ride bus or similar sized vehicle sticking out which causes the obstruction either, when the line of traffic is back as far as Cambridge Terrace or even further a car is enough to obstruct the lane.

The footpath between Cambridge Terrace and the start of the bridge is not usually busy as most pedestrians use the one on the east side of the bridge in both directions for access to and from the South Cliff and I feel it would be feasible to forfeit a couple of feet of width here, widen the road to the same degree which again would alleviate the blockage.

Jim Goodman

Howes Road