Solution to keep Scarborough’s park and ride open

Park and ride view 112732b  .Richard Ponter 6/07/11
Park and ride view 112732b .Richard Ponter 6/07/11

With reference to your recent article on the future of the park and ride in Scarborough by Carl Gavaghan (January 24).

I note there are only three options to put forward for the future of this public service:

option one - close both sites;

option two - close one of the park and ride facilities and keep the other open;

option three - close both sites out of season.

Might I suggest an option four - that the car park, for example, on the A64 Seamer Road site, remains open and is serviced not by the existing park and ride buses but by the local buses that pass along the A64 on a very regular basis.

There are two bus stops at the entrance to the park and ride and I am sure that the local bus service companies would welcome the extra passengers and revenue.

They might even agree to turn into the park and ride to pick up and drop off passengers.

The revenue saved from not running the dedicated park and ride buses would be quite substantial, and the objective of the removal of up to 500 vehicles a day from the town centre would still be achievable.

I’m sure that the maintenance of the site and toilet facilities could be factored into the equation from the savings out of the £473,000 a year annual cost.

Colin Richardson