Spa Orchestra: More needed for fantastic performances

Scarborough Spa Orchestra entertain the crowds.
Scarborough Spa Orchestra entertain the crowds.

I have visited your Spa Orchestra in Scarborough and I really enjoyed it. I personally think the musical talent performed in the orchestra is absolutely fantastic. The music is enjoyable for all ages and I think if more people, particularly around my age group, knew about your orchestra they would thoroughly enjoy it too.

Each person played their own instrument, and when joined with others created wonderful pieces of music.

I also think the idea of not repeating the music that is played is a really creative idea, as it makes each visit even more interesting.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the music, I think the advertisement for the orchestra needs to be improved. You could do this by putting out posters and leaflets both around Scarborough and all over many other places, as then many more people would know about it. I also think many more people would visit, but they have no idea it even exists.

Casey Smith, aged 13,