Spa refurb’s not a sound investment

On Sunday evening we had the good fortune to visit the Spa and see the Mugenkyo Taiko drummers.

After a £6.5 million refurbishment it should be fantastic, except the refurbishment stopped on the lower floor!

£6.5 million and the Grand Hall wasn’t even sound proofed, the band talking about the music and styles, and Nobuko Miyzaki playing her many flutes and shinobue were drowned out by the noise from the Northern soul weekender downstairs. Who thought that these two events should be held at the same time?

But getting back to the refurb. Didn’t anyone think that there are two floors plus an annexe called the Ocean Room? Nothing at all has been touched upstairs, the theatre is worse than the Futurist, a hastily cobbled-together bar, walls falling apart with damp and water damage.

The same goes for the Ocean Room in which we have attended a couple of recent functions since the refurb, downstairs still smells of stagnant water, the toilets disgusting, walls with mould and damp where has all the money been spent? Ripping out the bar which was a source of income weekends nights etc, and lavishing it all in the Grand Hall only (after £1 million was spent a few years ago improving it).

It is mentioned in David Brandon’s book “Along the Yorkshire coast” (published 2010) that the expensively refurbished Spa had failed to stem the flow of conference business away from the town, so the council throw more money at it and still it doesn’t work! They want to lease it out to make it work. They should lease the council out, then that might work!

All in all the money spent is a waste. You can’t have two different gigs on at the same time, due to no sound proofing, no-one can get a decent drink at weekends or evenings, other areas still in terrible standard, in fact after all the money spent (our money from the tax payer) some council official’s vision has failed miserably, they should face up to the public and say ‘sorry we got it wrong’, then quit.

PS the Mugenkyo Taiko drummers were absolutely fantastic!

Chris Gray

Valley Road, Scarborough