Spa turbines should get the thumbs-up from council

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RE: WIND turbines at the Crown Spa Hotel, Esplanade, Scarborough.

Much has been written about the above planning application, however some facts remain unpublished. The Crown Spa Hotel has already fully investigated ways of reducing actual energy consumed and has implemented all practical recommendations.

However, there are some ways of drastically saving on energy consumption, which the Crown Spa Hotel have investigated but chosen not to implement. These include applying a 100mm insulated coating to the external face of the building, thus losing all original facade detailing. Alternatively, lining out the internal face of the external walls, thus losing all original skirting, dado, wall moulding, picture rail and cornice features. Alternatively, replacing all the front windows with double glazing, thus further destroying original features. All of the above insulation measures would be deemed unacceptable in a Listed Building.

There are also some ways of producing energy, which the Crown Spa Hotel have investigated but chosen not to implement. These include sinking multiple boreholes into the cliff to extract heat (imagine the ‘Holbeck Hall’ response to that), or punching multiple holes in the external facades and installing air heat exchangers. Both of these methods would be deemed unacceptable.

The reality is that this is a local family who are prepared to invest their own money in protecting our environment for future generations. At present we seem, as a nation, prepared to allow our young men to be killed fighting for an energy source that in any event will eventually run out. There is a better way. Self-sufficiency in energy is the future. To their credit, Scarborough Council have already had the wisdom to allow solar panels on the roof of the Crown Spa Hotel.

The wind turbines that are proposed are of revolutionary appearance and innovative design. They are not of the ‘windmill’ type but revolve on a vertical axis, which obviously creates considerably less wear. The blades will be perceived as being graceful and elegant sculptures perched atop a monolithic building. While being visible, they will be seen as being separate from and not part of the fabric of the building. They will neither destroy nor hide any architecturally important features and they will cause no harm to the Listed Building or its setting.

Let’s hope that Scarborough Council again have the foresight to approve these wind turbines and thus help save the planet for future generations.

Barry Denton

Station Shops