Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

Which is the real Scarborough? was asked, referring to the recent shocking incidents of stabbings in our town.

I think that of the many comments and questions in the editorial, the most relevant is “...or maybe recent cases have put matters out of perspective when the town is comparatively crime-free.”

Where anti-social behaviour is concerned it is difficult to assess whether Scarborough is any better or worse than other towns of similar status, and although our council is often blamed for failing to resolve local problems – arguably justified at times – I do not subscribe to any suggestion that their strategy is one of the major concerns in the current situation.

I think most people, particularly of the older generations, Scarborians or not, will agree that there has been this escalation of anti-social behaviour nationally through the past two or three generations; the result of diminishing standards of respect and discipline, and family breakdown. Locally, of course, the long-standing problem is serious anti-social behaviour in our town centre during the late evenings at weekends, generally attributed to cheap supermarket alcoholic drink, and drug abuse. In this respect I am sure the police are doing all possible in the most difficult circumstances.

Since it seems that parents, teachers, and the police are to remain shackled where punishment is concerned, the culture seems to be virtually irreversible.

Nonetheless, I unreservedly support your call for a review.

Charles Braithwaite

Trinity Road