Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

I wish people weren’t so negative about Scarborough. It’s very easy to knock somewhere when you’re on the inside – I guess familiarity breeds contempt. But there’s a lot of great stuff going on here, in all sort of ways.

I was at a music evening at the Watermark Café a couple of weeks ago, and got talking to someone who had moved here recently from West Yorkshire. He was raving about the place (Scarborough, that is, not West Yorkshire!).

One interesting point that he made was that we wring our hands over a few empty shops in the town centre; his take was that if you visit many of the West Yorkshire towns at the moment, you’ll find high streets awash with tumble-weed. “People who’ve always lived here just don’t realise how lucky they are,” he said.

Jeannie Swales