Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

Most people come to Scarborough because of what is here: the sea, sandy beaches, good scenery, and clean air.

All these are part of the environment and form perhaps the most valuable asset of the town. It is therefore important that Scarborough is seen to protect these assets and care about the environment.

In my view if Scarborough was seen as a “green” town which went out of its way to protect its natural assets, this would enhance the appeal for many people.

However, even if Scarborough residents could be persuaded to prioritise the environment, visitors might not. We see in the summer how much litter can be left on the beach. Much of this consisted of polystyrene cups used to dispense “take-away” cups of tea and coffee. Might it be possible to find a better alternative to these? Maybe sturdier returnable cups for which a deposit is charged and which can be returned to any of the cafes in town. It would take some organising, but would send a message that Scarborough cares.

We are being told that Scarborough is about to get an economic boost from the Dogger Bank windfarm just off our shore, but visitors, and most residents, will hardly be aware of its existence.

However, many visitors might be interested to find out more and even to watch CCTV images of the construction process. Perhaps a corner of the Spa complex could house a small exhibition to satisfy the curiosity of such visitors.

With luck the companies building the windfarm would happily contribute for the positive publicity it would bring.

Gilbert Morrey

West Ayton