Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

Thank you for opening up this important debate about our town.

A town, like anything in life, needs direction and purpose or it will fade away. All towns have problems but if we focus on a positive future we can achieve it. Some of our biggest and greatest assets are our wonderful beaches and

the bountiful supply of talented enthusiastic people who already volunteer to make this one of the best places to live in Britain.

The one thing that we have that no other seaside town has is that Scarborough was the first seaside resort.

If this were America, millions would flock to visit us if we had the right branding and attitude.

As it is we seem to be neglecting our unique heritage that could be the answer to our success. As we had the first bathing huts, why on earth don’t we have a brightly coloured bathing hut on the sand that tourists can step into? Why don’t we have Pierrot and Punch and Judy shows, Victorian costume parades, Viking or pirate boat jousting events?

Llandudno in North Wales is relaunching itself as a Victorian resort, investing vast amounts of money restoring its Victorian heritage and funding a summer-long Victorian festival. The trial run, a ‘Victorian Extravaganza’ over

the May Day weekend was so successful it proves there is a demand for this type of tourist attraction event. I find it hard to believe that the history of this town is so wonderful and yet we don’t have a full-scale town museum, visitor centre or maritime heritage attraction.

I believe the Scarborough ‘brand’ should be about traditional family seaside attractions in a safe, clean, friendly environment with strong links to our past. This is something that will really appeal to many people and could make all the difference to the future of our town.

Mark Vesey, chairman

Maritime Heritage Centre