Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

I think firstly you should be conducting an online survey about what people think of Scarborough to get a true response, and a larger response, and it needs to cover all topics regarding Scarborough. (Editors’ note: We have a number of online opinions in regard to The Scarborough News survey, which will be published next week).

I think asking people to email or write a letter will only give you the views of a certain minority (it is only over 60-year-olds who write letters nowadays!).

My nine-year-old daughter summed up the state of Scarborough the other day while in town shopping for new school shoes, she said: “Mum why are the pavements and roads so dirty in Scarborough and why are there so many strange, scary-looking people in Scarborough. It’s not like this when we go shopping in York or Whitby or even in Edinburgh. I don’t like shopping in Scarborough, it’s a dirty dump 
and some of the people scare me”.

I take my children as little as I can shopping in town. It is not nice, full of drunks, drug addicts, youths swearing and the pavements are covered in vomit, dog dirt and litter.

Thank goodness we have nice beaches and the Marine Drive, and hopefully a new cinema and swimming pool in the near future as people are not going to come to Scarborough for its disgusting town centre.

A Broadbent