Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

First point: whatever malady faces Scarborough today it is not caused by seagulls! This is simply a distraction from the real issues which are decidedly of human making!

Second point ... “instant gratification” and “profits at any cost” undermine the very structure of this lovely seaside town and elsewhere.

It is apparently no longer fashionable to care passionately about anything other than the self!

Scarborough needs some tender loving care to preserve what has already served the town well. Never mind extolling so called ‘Seachange’. I don’t want to see Scarborough face unnecessary change.

This council, which nearly abandoned its own Town Hall, should have faith in our local established institutions and invest in what already exists rather than in the style of the Vikings, adopting an attitude of slash and burn.

Finally, seagulls are, and always have been, more synonymous with the seaside than much of that manmade flotsam and jetsam washed up and indeed washed out onto the shore.

Jayne Strutt