Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

We have two young children and we take our holidays at Scarborough every year and have done for several years now.

It is our favourite place (better than anywhere abroad in my opinion) and I personally have been taking holiday breaks at Scarborough for about 25 years.

The recent events will certainly not deter us from spending as much time as we can at Scarborough in the future. However I would like to comment regarding where I believe improvements could be made in the future.

The general state of buildings/windows/roofs in the town does give the appearance of a lack of maintenance and the town looks very rundown (a world apart from the excellent investments made to the harbour, seafront and coastal defences). Of course history needs to be preserved, however there needs to be a 
balance here.

In recent years there does seem to be have been an influx of ‘undesirables’ to the town, perhaps as you said, from less affluent parts of the country.

In every other respect the town is a wonderful mixture of history, entertainment, natural beauty, golden sands, attractions, restaurants 
and good nightlife for the adults.

I believe the solutions are wide-ranging:

1) More police on the beat and tougher crackdowns on anti-social behaviour.

2) Some consideration to be made regarding repairs/refurbishments of run-down properties, whether that be small grants/incentives to business and property owners to carry out facelifts, or a relaxation in planning permission rules etc.

3) If we can improve the image of the town then maybe a marketing campaign to attract the more aspirational visitors (Scarborough kept re-inventing itself through the spa waters, then the age of train travel in the 1850s). Let’s market the Esplanade, The Spa, Stephen Joseph Theatre, the restaurants etc.

4) Finally, a bit more aspirational, but if we can ever get a two lane A64 Leeds to Scarborough, then that would open up the town to businesses, due to its increased accessibility - then the future would be more sustainable. A plan for the next 20 to 50 years is important.

We care strongly about this wonderful town.

Steve Greensitt