Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

I grew up in Scarborough and have always been very proud of my home town, we have visited regularly over the years until we finally retired here three years ago.

Unfortunately I have witnessed a gradual decline in the whole look of Scarborough. The cleanliness, and general up keep of gardens, open ground, grass verges, shops, paving, roads have all deteriorated to a level that makes me sad and embarrassed when friends visit.

We have a beautiful location and the main industry is tourism so surely the council’s top priority should be in making Scarborough as clean and attractive as possible and each and every business owner, resident and tourist should play their part. The council has to set the standard and if it means introducing more strict controls regarding litter, dog fouling, up keep of shop facades etc then they need to get tough. Perhaps if we had less councillors there would be more money to go round.

I do believe the number of foreigners and people on welfare have not helped the town’s image along with the mass downturn in dress, it is as if people don’t care what they look like, which is not surprising, if the town looks scruffy people will follow suit.

Liz Colbourne