Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

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I live in Leeds with my husband and two teenagers but we have a static holiday caravan on Jacob’s Mount Caravan Park so visit every weekend from March until January and also get at least four to five weekly stays in that time.

For me Scarborough lacks many things:

1. Public transport. Myself and my husband don’t drive so rely on public transport. We get to our caravan on Fridays and have to take either a cab or rely on lifts because buses don’t go up Stepney Hill. It’s terrible there are many people that live up there and a university at the bottom of it so how come? Do people have to walk it? Run a bus even just in the season time so people on the caravan site can go into town without having to pay a minimum of £5 a day parking. That’s when they can get in a car park.

2. Toilets. We have to either pay 40p for a visit per person on the promenade or queue up and use the disgusting ones outside the Market Vaults, again paying for them. There is by far too few public loos in Scarborough to cope with the demand of people that visit every year.

3. Too many empty shops. Far too many especially on the slope down to the seafront from St Helen’s Square, but bookies are OK, there’s tons of them if you want a go on the horses then Scarborough’s the place to be. Opposite Cash Converters the Weigh and Pay shops’s moved, the cafe/diner shop has now closed, there’s a building on the end at the traffic lights that looks to be in a state due to the ceiling coming down. Make the rents cheaper and try and get these shops let out bring in new business.

4. It’s a great place to be the Clock Cafe, on a nice day gives you an amazing view it’s one I could stare at all day. Then you look down and see the abandoned buildings that surround it, they should be done up. Yes the effort has been made to tidy them up a bit with a lick of multi-coloured paint but try doing something with them. Make them back into more beach huts, rent them out like the others and make some money back.

Scarborough needs more family orientated things to do, like Blackpool do a few more rides on the promenade, keep the stair lift open longer, but most definitely keep the shops open longer. I lived in Blackpool for 20 years and the shops didn’t close at 5pm, especially at weekends, it’s the holiday period people are here for the day they want to shop around and grab something to take back to their caravans after a cracking day on the beach with the kids or a great afternoon walking round the park and playing on the pedalos. Walking back up to the bus stops opposite the train station they find that Iceland and Heron are shut so there’s going to be no tea and that the buses all stopped at 6pm so they’re going to have to fork out nearly a tenner to Cayton village and then more to get a cab to the likes of Flower of May and the other parks.

Sunday morning has a car boot sale at Lebberston, put on public transport so people like us on Jacob’s Mount can get there. We wanted to go to the circus but it was out of the question by the time we’d paid ticket prices then cab fares on top of the nearly £50 it costs us to get to Scarborough in the first place.

Stop the alcoholic and drug users that look totally terrifying from sitting outside the newsagent and cafe opposite the train station. They’re very intimidating and we cross the road to avoid them

The theatre and the cinema would be more accessible if there were more of the public transport again that and ticket prices for four stops us going at night because we can’t get there and if we did go by cab it’s another £9 on the bill which makes for a very expensive night.

Even though I have these gripes I love Scarborough and have my caravan there for the next 10 years so I can tell you it doesn’t put me off, but in my opinion these would make the place a lot better.

Donna Sullivan