Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

I’m not blinkered enough to think that the town isn’t without its problems. But we have a spectacular location, some wonderful cultural 
attractions, and a good sense of community.

All we really need is some guaranteed good weather…I wish to add my comments to the debate about Scarborough. Firstly, it is not that broken, but soon will be if action is not taken now. No need for looking at a range of options as the police, council and MP are fond of saying.

Deal with the minority who intimidate the majority by enforcing the laws we already have, be it police, Scarborough Borough Council or North Yorkshire County Council.

Stop printing sensational articles. The comments by the councillor after the murder at Eastborough and several others who own shops there were disgraceful. God only knows how that poor man’s family and friends felt reading that, complaining because “It couldn’t have come at a worse time”. So just when is the best time for a murder in Eastborough?

It portrays this town as money grabbing, unfeeling and callous, where human life is cheaper than a few shop sales. If you as a newspaper were more balanced and responsible in promoting the town, instead of feasting on the scandal, then it would be a better place. Instead of trying to focus on a night with the police why not focus on the good things happening in the area, you do in the newspaper but your website, which is seen by people outside the area, does not.

Help promote the steam trains which bring thousands to our town every summer, not seen much on the website about those, well nothing at all really, thousands of happy families arriving all summer, that promotes a feel good factor not to mention the nostalgia feeling, this in turn brings in the very type of people we need to attract and encourage, your website is a gateway to Scarborough.

The railway station is a decent enough place clean and tidy but where is the promo boards for the Open Air Theatre? A small poster is no good. The council is supposed to promote this but every summer thousands of people pass through Scarborough and Filey rail stations and don’t even know it exists, all those families heading to Blue Dolphin and Primrose Valley etc all lost as customers due to a lack of promotion, it’s a great facility so Scarborough Borough Council and newspapers should be shouting it from everywhere.

On nights when a concert is happening the last train leaves Scarborough to York at 22.07, this is no use to anyone attending the Open Air Theatre, even worse nothing at all to Hull via Filey, Bridlington etc after 20.00, it is relatively easy to arrange a later train and a special to Hull. Whitby manage later trains on a Friday all summer so why can’t the Open Air Theatre have the same?

Regarding the late night it’s easy, police it harder and the message will get through that violent drunken behaviour will not be tolerated in Scarborough, that includes policing the trains into town later in the evening as we are now importing trouble on a Friday and Saturday nights.

A lot of visitors to Scarborough are amazed they cannot get a bus after seven in the evening, again if families cannot get from the holiday camps and back again then we are refusing the right kind of people access to the seafront in the evenings, which leaves it free for a minority of younger people to run riot along this area.

The town is not family friendly after tea time which is one reason it is breaking down, it needs a proper integrated transport system which runs as long as it is daylight in summer.

Steve Somers

Huddersfield Town Football Club

Pride of Yorkshire