Speaking up for Scarborough: Your Views

As a holidaymaker who has visited Scarborough at least once every year for the last 30 years I would like to give my opinion on ‘What is the Real Scarborough’.

When we first visited Scarborough the town was very family orientated, you felt safe when you walked the streets up to mid-evening and very rarely did you ever see much trouble or youngsters walking the streets looking for trouble.

Now is a completely different story. Family venues seem to be replaced by various drinking establishments and you have to be wary of walking out at night. Certain streets even during the day I would not dare venture in or near and there’s potential drunken or drugged troublemakers most places you look. If you ever try walking from the North to South Bays by North Marine Road you’ll know what I mean.

The younger or more notorious residents of Scarborough do not seem to have a sense of pride in their town at all. Beauty spots like Peasholm Park are not places to pass through after dark which was never the case in years gone by.

Don’t get me wrong Scarborough is not too different from other towns but bad reputations are hard to get rid of and Scarborough with the latest murders and attacks is fast picking up a bad reputation as a holiday resort to be avoided or at best be wary of.

I recently read a blog on the internet where the author, a Scarborough resident, slated the town which I thought was very harsh at first, until thinking about each of his comments later much of what he said was sadly actually very true.

We love coming to Scarborough every year but hate the atmosphere in the town on Friday and Saturday nights even in the quieter areas of the town. We certainly wouldn’t venture anywhere near the town centre on these nights.

There’s a lot to be said for police officers on the beat rather than patrol cars, maybe a return to community policing and a zero tolerance policy from the police might be the short, sharp treatment needed to go some way to returning Scarborough to it’s former glory.

Kenny Watters