State-funded funerals a relic of bygone days

We have written to Robert Goodwill MP to support a cross party ban on all state funded funerals in the 21st century; they are a relic of bygone days for the following reasons:

A The person concerned is well able to afford his or her own funeral. If family, friends, supporters and members of the public wish to campaign for statues, plaques etc, let it be at private expense.

B We are told the armed forces, police and NHS staff are in difficulties with funding and job opportunities - to put extra work and stress on them is wrong. If tax payers pay £10 million for the funeral of a retired politician this will add to their economic burden.

C All faiths say that God’s gifts - either time, money and abilities given to us all should be used for the betterment of this planet and all who live here without thought of praise or grandisement of the individual. Rather, let all our legacies of our lives’ work be for the good of all and let that be enough memorial.

D & A Nunns

Newby Farm Court