Statements: Take care with Paul biography

I’ve been asked by a number of informed Christian readers to correct the inadequate and inaccurate statements concerning “Paul of Tarsus” on page 21 of last week’s The Scarborough News (June 11).

Paul was the Roman name of the Jewish Apostle (not “missionary”) to the Gentiles called Saul, who was born in Tarsus, now in Turkey.

His letters (not “books”) in the New Testament were written probably between 50 and 60AD, not “more than 2,000 years ago”.

A near contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth, from the time of his “conversion”, Paul travelled extensively throughout the eastern Mediterranean and was finally martyred in Rome about 64AD.

Since Paul was the founder of the Christian church and its first great apostle, it might seem respectful if not obligatory to take some care with his biography.

The “portrait” of him on page 21 was merely fanciful: we have no idea what he looked like.

Jack Binns,

Chatsworth Gardens,