Streeet party was a truly great success

THROUGH your paper, could I thank everybody who turned out and made our street party in Trafalgar Square a huge success.

When I helped a neighbour put up his bunting on a very windy night, I had my doubts about the next day, but his enthusiasm was so infectious that my doubts were blown away.

On the morning when we were putting the gazebos up on the green in the pouring rain the doubts started creeping in again.

But to hear the good humoured banter of the volunteers, I thought, Let it chuck it down, it won’t dampen the spirit of the party.

But come 2pm, the sun came out and so did the crowds and the party started. It was a good job we had strong, sturdy tables as I’m sure I could hear them groaning under the weight of all the food the people had brought out for everybody to share.

The sack race was comical and nobody seemed to mind the cheating that took place in the adults egg and spoon race.

I would also like to thank the Mayor and Mayoress for turning up and judging the teddy bears fancy dress.

The party was supposed to finished at 4.30pm but it went on for much longer than that, a good indicator of how much everybody enjoyed the event.

Watching everybody having so much fun and joining in with the community spirit made me proud to be the chairman of RAFTS (Residents and Friends of Trafalgar Square).

I’m sure I’ll get some stick for that last comment from the committee at our next meeting, but I don’t care as we would have at least two new committee members on the strength of Friday afternoon plus a new member for our gardening club.

Once again, thank you very much everybody and look forward to seeing you at our ‘Fair in the Square’ later this summer.

Colin Charles

Chairman RAFTS

Trafalgar Square