Support Maureen’s vision

At a recent committee meeting we were lamenting the removal of Freddie Gilroy “Our Freddie” from the North Bay to a safer place outside the Rotunda.

One of my councillors told the meeting that the sculpture couldn’t, for technical reasons, be installed there and that it would have to be sited elsewhere.

I, with tongue set firmly in cheek, suggested that it would look good in Trafalgar Square. Our councillor told us they were looking at a site next to Chain Hill. This would be a fantastic place for Freddie as it means he would still be in the North Bay.

Our councillor did go on to say that Maureen Robinson was thinking of creating a sculpture trail in Scarborough. Again I jokingly said we’d have one in the square and that maybe it could be of Trafalgar Square’s first mayor - Sprocket!

This enthusiasm for Maureen’s vision is a far cry from the letter I read from Mat Watkinson (Letters, January 24).

I think the sculpture trail is a wonderful idea and would help boost visitor numbers to the area. You only have to look at the recently opened Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, where her sculptures of people do not represent any degree of accuracy the human form, yet visitor numbers exceed expectations, boosting the local economy greatly.

Also the nearby Yorkshire Sculpture Park (between Wakefield and Barnsley) attracts thousands of visitors/tourists every year.

Instead of moaning Mr Watkinson do something useful, try reviving the Tunny Club, put your hand in your pocket and pay for a sculpture of your own. You say you can draw, then design one yourself instead of criticising someone else’s hard graft.

I myself do not like the thought of fishing or sport, but each to their own. If everybody had the same tastes then life would be pretty boring.

Support Maureen’s vision, don’t knock it, and if you don’t like the Bathing Belle in the town centre I’m sure you could avert your eyes for just a couple of seconds.

C Charles

Trafalgar Square