Support us on this special day

THIS Thursday March 22 is UN World Water Day, a day to focus our attention on one of the world’s most precious resources.

As we in the UK read headlines about hosepipe bans and impending “drought” this summer, please spare a thought for the 783 million people across the world who still live every day with no access to safe drinking water. For them, existence is a struggle, and they have no choice but to drink water that they know may kill them, or their children. Currently, lack of safe water and sanitation is the biggest killer of children under five in Africa. When you think about this it doesn’t seem such a hardship to have to forgo a hosepipe. You realise just how lucky we are in this country to have clean, safe water piped straight into our homes, and how much we take it for granted.

As local supporters of the international charity WaterAid, we share its vision of a world where everyone has access to clean water and sanitation and work together to help spread this important message. So, when you turn on the tap this World Water Day, please consider supporting Water Aid in their mission to save lives. Just £15 can transform a person’s life by enabling them to access clean water, improved hygiene and sanitation. To make a donation to support Water Aid’s work, visit or to join our local group please contact Ruth Penny on (01723) 364749 or email

Ruth Penny

Manor Avenue