Survey: Our borough is full of opportunity

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Re The Scarborough News reader survey.

Scarborough - by that I mean the whole borough - is a pretty wonderful area.

Sometime ago we coined the phrase ‘A great place to live, work and play’. It continues to be true. But some things need topping up and reinforcing.

Most of them were sections of the Renaissance initiative, some were completed, others still remain to be done. The difference today is that due to national overspending there is not the public money available so unless more residents and more business investors are found, there is a result of stagnation, even of decline.

The Town Hall has a tough job with many concerns for the burden on officials and leading councillors.

They need our help - your help. They and we need to continue the optimistic and upbeat attitude created by Renaissance. When business is bad and the binge/yob behaviour gets up our noses it is hard to avoid going negative. But we must resist the temptations. We must, for instance, be enterprising - we must not tolerate scruffy places and second rate operations. Much hope is pinned onto wind farm maintenance and potash. I think the wind farm thing will be way smaller than hoped but that potash should be encouraged 100 per cent, and while we are at it efforts to create industrial or office jobs should be doubled or trebled.

Our ambitions with Renaissance was to get Scarborough earnings up to the national average. Earnings equate with spending, jobs create jobs, jobs attract abler people and the educational standard and attainment ambitions are raised.

The council had but a few pounds to do that. We locals need that vision of growth rather than of defeat or easy comfort. Then our area will get the public relations and the press - and the bookings programme - think of James Martin on the West Pier and securing him and local fishing personalities such as Fred Normandale. Get the Hairy Bikers to Filey for fish and chips and Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to Whitby to do the culture and food. Get moorland farmers with delicate moorland sheep whose meat is so tender and visually attractive.

Heaven’s above - we’ve 100 things to sell, to market. Why on earth do people moan and groan? This patch is full of opportunity which will only be realised properly if more of us live up to the Enterprising Town Award we got a year or two ago.

I believe individuals and businesses - local or ‘chain’ - should go further than ever before to invest thought, time and money to lift our area into one of the best and most regarded parts of the UK. It can be done.

Tom Pindar