Swimmers count the cost of parking

LAST YEAR I brought to your attention the car park charge Scarborough Borough Council were trying to impose at the swimming pool. It had increased the car park fee to £2 and instead of refunding the full amount to swimmers, they were only refunding £1.

This was later rescinded after complaints both here and in Whitby.

Parking charges returned after the winter break on March 1. Still at £2 but the refund is only £1.50, making a charge of 50p for swimmers to park.

I have done a small survey on the internet of other council swimming pools around the country and this is what I have found.

Southampton – adult £3.60, OAP £2.50; Hull – adult £3.20, OAP concessions; Southend – adult £3.60, OAP concessions; Bridlington – adult £3.60, OAP £2.40, parking details: pay and display; York – adult £3.45, OAP £2.25; Scarborough – adult £4.10, OAP £3.10, parking details: 50p.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that Scarborough is one of the most expensive towns to swim, even without parking charges.

Parking details are not given for the other pools as they have dedicated parking facilities. Even Bridlington Leisure Pool is cheaper than Scarborough and that is privately owned.

Surely the council could refund the full parking fee on presentation of the Leisure Card that most local people have and save their charges for the visitors.

This would at least give the impression that the council do at least think about residents.

Mrs Anita Cassedy

Alexander Avenue

East Ayton